AI in the dock.

How long would it be before AI was used by criminals? Well, I am afraid to say….they already do!

Deepfake makes use of AI in a process know as human image synthesis. Here, genuine videos and soundtracks can be used as the background data source to superimpose an image likeness over an actor to give the impression the actor’s actions and speech are actually from the person you want to mimic. This machine learning technique is known as generative adversarial network or GAN for short.

However, it has come to our attention that deepfake audio has been used to scam large corporations by targeting financial controllers to make payments to third parties based upon what they perceive to be instructions from chief executives.

One wonders whether totalitarian regimes would use deepfake to give the world the impression that an elderly leader was still alive when in reality they may have died years ago. After all, it looks like we’ve come a long way from the days of Max Headroom!

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