Crash Test Dummy?

Not a flattering title but a fitting one for Elon Musk of Tesla fame.

It appears that following a fatal crash where nobody was believed to be in the drivers seat of a Tesla, a consumer magazine in the US managed to trick the Tesla Y model into Autopilot mode repeatedly and with no one in the driver’s seat.

Apparently Tesla build in safety systems which halts the Autopilot mode if the driver’s seat is vacant. Obviously there is a problem with this and maybe it lacks sophistication.

Following the fatality where the Tesla crashed in to a tree killing two occupants, investigators are now trying to learn how the ‘driver present’ system was bypassed.

The Iconoclast here suggests they talk to the guys from the magazine.

Readers may be aware that Tesla uses AI in delivering the Autopilot experience but insists on it being more of a driver assistance technology.

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