Weapon detection improved by AI

Event security is tighter than it ever was. Very few individuals would brazenly attempt to gain access to an event with his favourite Glock pistol on display. So the job of weapon detectors is to scan for concealed weapons, typically guns or knives. However, that does create a pinch point where a crowd has to be funneled between the scanner pillars. Not ideal is it slows the throughput.

A US company called Evolv Technology are coming up with solutions which allow for scanners to be built in to doorways and archways. To overcome the possibility of false alarms Evolv use a combination of radar and AI to define the parameters which best match a gun or knife. Additionally, they can detect for densely packed scraps of metal which may signify a crude bomb.

With the advent of Corvid-19 Evolv are researching ways of detecting someone who may have the virus but it’s proving a bit of a challenge. Thermal imaging cameras are one tool in their arsenal but are not entirely foolproof and further research is needed.

Other manufacturers are experimenting with AI software to detect infected people such as Patriot One, a Canadian company. In addition to looking for raised temperatures, their AI algos hunt for inadequate face masks.

The Iconoclast here wonders if either Evolv or Patriot One have heard of ceramic knives, 3D printed guns or paracetamol?

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