AI DeepComposer strikes a discordant note

Amazon has unveiled an AI stocking filler in the US. It’s a two octave, 32-key keyboard which can connect via a USB lead to a computer.

It allows the user to play a short tune and then the keyboard applies an AI algo to enhance the offering in one of four flavours: classical, pop, rock or jazz.

However, Professor Nick Collins of Durham University who is an expert on AI in the field of music was not too impressed with the single example produced on the keyboard in a blog hoasted by Amazon. “It’s terrible. A musician with a basic sequencing ability could easily mock up better examples.”

Well professor, for the rest of us with no musical ability it could be a great fun toy. If Amazon gets the price point right I bet it will be a good seller.

I must confess I had a chuckle and wondered if the DeepComposer’s raucous offerings could see Alexa growing a pair of hands to put over her microphones?

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