AI drone drags its feet but gets a prize!

In an obstacle race where AI drones compete amongst themselves and a human pilot using first-person view goggles or video piloting as its more simply known, the fastest AI drone completed the circuit half as quickly as the human. However, the AI drone which did not have the benefit of GPS or any human intervention won a prize of $1m.

It’s unknown whether the winning drone had an algo to appreciate the prize money but I am sure that the MVLab team who received the $1m, did!

Swiss pilot Gabriel Kocher was cock-a-hoop over beating the drone in half the time but it’s unknown whether his victory was rewarded at all. It’s anticipated that the Drone Race League will see AI powered drones leading the field in around 2023.

It’s incredible to think that so much computational power can be put on board a small drone to effect such competitive AI flight.

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