AI filters ‘virtual’ flashers!

There’s a filter which has just been developed for Twitter users to automatically detect and delete dick pics. Apparently 53% of women between the age of 18 and 29 have received objectionable images of the male appendage.

The Iconoclast here asks himself if the other 47% received unobjectionable ones! Anyway, as I’m not a tweeter or in fact a social media user (I am still trying to increase my Morse Code speed before I move on to other means of communication) I have no idea of the problem. However, Ms Bressler who developed the filter has, so she set to work coding the AI algo filter.

To help her test the software she put out a tweet for pictures of penises and apparently 4,000 were sent in. The filter claims to be 99% accurate so just forty dick pics got through her test!

Anyone wanting to use the filter should look out for ‘Safe DM’.
Meanwhile it’s back to the Morse key for me!

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