China Trumped?

Before I get to the substance of the heading, I thought I’d pose a question……

Is the Chinese national surveillance system (the AI camera network) all it’s cracked up to be?

I would think probably not. The reason? Well, the very poor control over the coronavirus spread. Rather than use surveillance technology to try and contain the virus outbreak early on, they chose to silence Dr Li Wenliang and ignore the situation for a number of weeks. I am given to understand that social media accounts were also censored at the beginning of the outbreak, which would surely have indicated central government control.

So a system which can supposedly track down wanted terrorists or criminals cannot discover who contacted whom after a duck sneezed over a punter in a marketplace?

Anyway, back to the heading. USA’s President Donald Trump has given the green light to massively fund AI and quantum computing technology to the tune of billions of USD! He feels the USA is on the back foot when it comes to AI and quantum research comparing it with China which seems to lead the world.

Now the USA is really gearing itself up just like it did with the space race after Sputnik was launched. What would be the AI equivalent of a man on the moon I wonder?

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