AI recruiting tool provides best match

Hirevue, a company specialising in recruitment software has an AI application which (they say) provides a better and fairer match of candidate to prospective employer.

Using data from a video interview which poses game-based challenges that engages the candidate throughout the process, Hirevue claim their AI algorithm gives accurate insights into work style, interpersonal development and general cognitive ability.

Large companies like Unilever are using AI technology to help select the most suitable applicants for a particular job. Posing the same set of questions, candidates are filmed during their responses and such things as facial expressions, language and tone are compared with actual data from previous candidates who have turned out to be great at their job.

So, forget your CV, get yourself down to drama school and develop those acting skills to portray sincerity, empathy and great diction, that way you should stand a really good chance of getting the job of your dreams!

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